How can I change my counter account? How can I change my counter account?

How can I change my counter account?

If you wish to change your counter account, we kindly request a verification payment of €0.01.

You can make this payment to the following details:


IBAN:                         NL29 TRIO 0320 6091 54
Account Name:    Stg. Bewaarinst. Captin
Reference:             Captin account number and the description "Change of bank account number".

Where can I find my Captin account number?

To find your Captin account number, follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on your 'Portfolio' and select 'Personal Information'.
3. Access your personal details.
- Do this by clicking on the following icon in the top right corner:
4. Here you will find your Captin account number. This is not your specified counter account with Captin.

Once we receive the verification payment and the account holder details of the new account match those in our platform and you are a Captin customer, we will update your counter-account within 2 working days.

Important: If you receive a refund of your transfer, it's because we couldn't identify the respective account. The reason for this action will always be detailed in the description of the refund.