Taking a selfie has failed. What do I do now? Taking a selfie has failed. What do I do now?

Is you face not recognized, does your face disappear from the screen or is there some other problem with taking a selfie? Unfortunately, sometimes we are unable to identify you.

The software in your smartphone responds to your every move. Moving too fast may prevent your device from relaying a message on your screen in time. Try not to move your device and your face simultaneously, but to find the right position quietly and slowly. You can also put your elbows on a table for support, for example.

Should you feel more comfortable going through the process with the aid of one of our staff members, please contact our service desk. Our phone number is +31 208 546 504. Of course, we are also available for any further questions.

Read the tips below and try again:

  • It is important that you take the picture of your face yourself.
  • Do not wear a cap or hat and hold the camera directly in front of your face.
  • You can keep your glasses on. Make sure there is no reflection from your glasses and that your eyes are visible.
  • Make sure your face is fully visible in the frame of the selfie screen. If you are too close, you will be requested to hold your device further away. If you are too far away, you will be requested to hold your device closer.
  • Make sure no other persons or personal data can be seen. This may cause the photo to be rejected. Anything that shows up on your phone's screen will show up in the photo. This also goes for everything that is outside the frame.
  • Use a white wall as a background, for example.
  • Do not turn your face too far sideways when you have to move your face left and right. The camera will no longer recognize your face. Slowly move your face 45 degrees to the left or to the right, then hold your face still for two seconds and slowly move your face back.

I have followed all the steps and yet something is wrong. What is happening?

We will also ask you to make a new selfie if you have not fully completed the process - for example if after taking a selfie, you have aborted the location check.

Finally, we check your location via the GPS on your mobile device. We need your location to verify that your selfie is taken in a logical location. We do this for your security as well as for ours.