Step-by-step plan to place a buy order Step-by-step plan to place a buy order

Step-by-step plan to place a buy order

For placing a buy order, follow the steps below. 


  1. Make sure there is enough money in your trading account with Captin. Here you can read how to transfer money into your trading account.

  2. Bear in mind that there will be transaction costs when transferring money to Captin.

  3. You can then proceed to place your order through the platform. Here you will find further instructions for within the trading platform. Please note that unused open funds are automatically reversed after 5 working days.

  4. Through the order book, you can gain insight into the other investors' orders. 
  5. Placing a buy order, one of the things to consider is the limit price.

  6. When you enter an order, your order is given a default expiry date.

  7. If your order is submitted, it is taken into the next auction.
  8. Your order may be (partially) executed at the price of the auction.

  9. When the auction is concluded, the DRs you bought will be visible in your portfolio.

  10. An order which has not been (fully) executed will remain until:
    - the order is fully executed;
    - the order automatically expires on the expiry date;
    - the order is cancelled by yourself.