Am I entitled to dividends? Am I entitled to dividends?

Am I entitled to dividends?

Triodos Bank has announced a final dividend of EUR 2.84. But who are entitled to this dividend? Below we provide an overview of how the procedure of distributing dividend works:

  • Ex-dividend date: The ex-dividend date is set for 20 May 2024. This means that if you buy Depository Receipts for shares (DRs) after this date, you will not be paid the final dividend of EUR 2.84.
  • Dividend distribution: On 3 June 2024, the final dividend will be distributed to holders of Triodos DRs who owned these DRs immediately after the 15 May 2024 trading round. If you sold any DRs before or during the 15 May 2024 trading round, you will not receive any dividends for those DRs.
  • Dividend distribution on your platform account: Initially, the dividend will be paid into your platform account. It will briefly be visible there, until it is transferred automatically to the contra account registered in our system.
  • Dividend tax: Pursuant to Dutch tax law, 15% dividend tax has already been withheld from the dividend amount shown in your balance. The net dividend, therefore, is visible on your balance.

Who pays out?

For non-registered participants, the following arrangement applies to dividend payments:

  • The dividend for Triodos UK participants will be paid through National Westminster Bank.
  • For customers in all other countries who have not yet registered with Captin, dividend payments are handled by Triodos Bank. Captin does not take responsibility for these payments until the customer has explicitly registered on our platform.

For registered participants, the following arrangement applies to dividend payments:

  • Captin handles dividend payments for customers in all countries. If a customer has registered with Captin, we take full responsibility for processing dividend payments.

Access to dividend statement:

For both non-registered and registered customers, the dividend statement is available on our platform under the "Documents - Personal" button. It is important to note that registration on our platform is not required to access the dividend statement, but logging in to our platform is necessary.

Counter account canceled or no longer in use?

If your counter account has been canceled or is no longer in use, the dividend amount cannot be refunded to the canceled or inactive counter account. The money will remain in your portfolio account and will wait until you provide a new counter account to which it can be transferred. To access your funds, you must first change your counter account, and then you can arrange the withdrawal of your funds.