Transaction fees and other fees Transaction fees and other fees

Transaction fees and other fees

Which fees does Captin charge for buy/sell orders on the Market?

Captin charges a fixed and a variable transaction fee for each buy and sell order. You can find these fees below.

Transaction Fee

  • Standard fee: EUR 5.00 per placed buy and sell order. These fees will not apply during the calendar year 2023 and first halfyear of 2024.

  • Execution fee: 0.30% per executed buy or sell order, calculated on the executed order size multiplied by the transaction price (*).
    • (*) When placing an order, a fee of 0.60% is reserved due to technical reasons. Upon the settlement of your order, a 0.30% fee is actually charged.

What are the fees charged for transfers not resulting from transactions?

For transfers of Depository Receipts that are not resulting from a transaction, Captin will charge EUR 50.00 per booking to the transferring party. Examples of transfers that are not the result of a transaction include, without limitation, transfers pursuant to gifts, divorce or inheritance.

What are the fees charged if an order is only partially executed?

It may happen that an order is executed in part only, see Article 6.2. If this happens, Captin will charge the Execution Fee once for each partial execution. The Standard Fee will only be charged once in full. Captin will charge the Standard Fee with the first partial execution in the same Trading Round. For the following partial executions, Captin will not charge the Standard Fee.

Can Captin change the fees that will be charged for transactions and/or use of the Market?

Yes, Captin may change the fees and charges for transactions and/or use of the Market. Captin may change such fees and charges for various reasons, including:

  • technological developments;
  • upgrades or changes to the features available on the Market;
  • changes in law (for example, in law regulations)
  • changes in interpretation or application of the law or a view of a regulator or other authority;
  • changes in the range of products and services offered by Captin or its (work) processes (such as modernisation, redesign or streamlining thereof); and
  • any other change in a circumstance or view that makes that Captin has a reasonable interest in the change.

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