Where can I find my yearly overview? Where can I find my yearly overview?

Where can I find my yearly overview?

In the online Captin platform, it is possible to download your Triodos 2023 Year Overview. Follow these steps to access your yearly overview:

  1. Go to https://onboarding.captin.com/login/ and click on the green 'Log in' button.
  2. After logging in, click on the left green button 'My portfolio'. Then select your portfolio to go to the dashboard.
  3. Once in the dashboard, navigate to the 'Reports' tab on the left side.
  4. Under the 'Yearly Statement' section, select the year 2023 and choose 'Send to inbox'.

Your yearly overview will soon be available in your personal Captin inbox, which you can find in the platform by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner. The message with the yearly statement contains an attachment that you can click on directly. The title of the attachment begins with the date you requested the download. Please note that generating the overview may take some time depending on the workload. Once it's available, you can save or send the document from your inbox in the platform to your computer.

For more detailed instructions with screenshots, you can also consult the manual below.