Where can I inspect the order book? Where can I inspect the order book?

Where can I inspect the order book?

The order book can be accessed via the platform. There, the order book is visible in the order submission screen.
However, note that once you have placed your order, you will no longer be able to inspect the order book in the platform. This is because you can only place one order per trading round.

Book-entry form
To view the order book in the platform, your Depository Receipts will first have to be converted into book-entry form. When they are recorded in book-entry form, you can place an order.

Listing page
You can also view the updated order book at the Triodos Listing Page

The order book
The order book shows the top 10 highest bid prices and the lowest ask prices. NOTE!! The order book may be larger than the ten bid prices and/or the ten ask prices on display.

The order book is dynamic and is currently updated 24/7, except when there is a Trading Round

In the order book, you will see the following columns

  • Orders: Displays the number of orders at the specific price level
  • Number: Displays the number of Depository Receipts submitted at the specific price level
  • Buy price/sell price:  Displays the top 10 of price quotations.
    • Buy price is sorted from highest price to lowest price
    • Sell price is sorted from lowest price to highest price.